P&S Brake Buster Non-Acid Foaming Wheel Cleaner (473ml)


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Boost your vehicle’s curb appeal with the unmatched cleaning power of the P&S Brake Buster Non-Acid Foaming Wheel Cleaner. Crafted with care in the USA, this powerful solution provides an uncompromising clean without compromising the integrity of your wheels.

Here’s why this foaming wheel cleaner is the top choice for car enthusiasts:

  • Highly Effective: This cleaner effortlessly removes stubborn brake dust, oil, dirt, stains, and light corrosion, giving your wheels a like-new shine every time.
  • Safe on All Wheel Surfaces: Acid-free formula ensures it’s safe for use on all wheel surfaces, including premium quality wheels. Protect your investment with a cleaner designed to preserve the delicate surface of your wheels.
  • Foaming Action for Deep Cleaning: The foaming action penetrates and clings to wheel surfaces, attacking grime right at the source for a deep and comprehensive clean.
  • Easy to Use: Simply spray on, let the foam work its magic, and rinse off. No need for hard scrubbing or detailed brushing.
  • Quality Assured: Proudly made in the USA, trust in the quality and effectiveness of our P&S Brake Buster Non-Acid Foaming Wheel Cleaner.

With the P&S Brake Buster, clean wheels aren’t just a possibility – they’re a promise. Experience the difference today!

Here are a few reasons why you should detail your wheels:

  1. Preserves Vehicle Value: Regular wheel detailing helps maintain the aesthetic and structural integrity of your wheels, contributing to the overall value of your vehicle.
  2. Prevents Damage: Brake dust, dirt, and road grime can eat into the wheel finish over time, leading to pitting and premature corrosion. Regular cleaning helps prevent these damaging effects.
  3. Enhances Vehicle Appearance: Clean, shiny wheels significantly improve the overall look of your vehicle. It’s a detail that’s immediately noticeable and often appreciated by car enthusiasts.
  4. Improves Safety: Excessive buildup of brake dust can potentially affect braking performance. Keeping your wheels clean ensures that all components are working as they should.
  5. Boosts Tire Lifespan: Proper wheel detailing includes cleaning the tires, which can help spot early signs of wear and tear, allowing for timely replacement and reducing the risk of blowouts on the road.

Need auto-detailing tips? Check out this killer article by Darren Priest on how to properly detail your wheels.

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